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Denali Venture Philanthropy's History and Mission

Robert "Bo" Parfet

· Denali

Named for one of the mountain ranges Robert "Bo" Parfet scaled during his Seven Summits journey, Denver, Colorado, "impact" firm Denali Venture Philanthropy helps socially responsible companies and venture capital groups. Robert "Bo" Parfet founded the company around 2013.

Through its portfolio, Denali Venture Philanthropy aims to address global social justice issues such as conservation, economic equality, and health care access with innovative private-sector companies. The firm helps entrepreneurial ventures, nonprofits, and hybrid companies dedicated to improving public welfare. All funded companies are analyzed for their commitment and approach using a proprietary due diligence process.

Denali Venture Philanthropy partners with several similarly minded startup accelerators, public equity firms, and investment companies. These partners were selected due to their commitment to leveraging capital to promote positive social change. For example, the firm MergeLane supports companies with women leaders, while encourages investors to reduce their support of the fossil fuel industry. Other collaborators include the educational company Watson and the micro-finance firm Tungende.

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