• About Robert "Bo" Parfet

    Robert “Bo” Parfet attended Colorado State University, University of Michigan, and the Kellogg School of Management. Robert “Bo” Parfet also worked in the finance industry, most notably for FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) and J.P. Morgan.

    In 2003, while working on Wall Street, Parfet embarked on the “Seven Summits” mission. In 2009, he published a book about his adventure, titled “Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits.” Before that, he published a book on the exploits of members of the prominent Explorers Club, titled “They Lived to Tell the Tale: True Stories from the Legendary Explorers Club” that contains true stories told by the members of the Explorers Club.

    In 2010, Denali Venture Philanthropy came to life, founded by him and his wife. Denver, Colorado’s suburban city of Boulder was picked for the company’s location. The company works with and invests in organizations that work on raising awareness about social and environmental problems around the world. With his family also settled in Boulder, for Robert Parfet, Colorado is his current home.

  • Education 


    Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management)

    MBA (2004-2006)

    Finance & Investments


    University Of Michigan

    MA (1999-2000)

    Masters Applied Economics


    Colorado State University

    BA (1995-1999)


  • Professional Experience

    Jumar Management

    Mar 2014- Feb 2018

    CEO and CIO
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    A Denver-based impact investor, Robert "Bo" Parfet has achieved success as the founder of the Denali Venture Philanthropy, LLC. Robert "Bo" Parfet credits most of his success as a Colorado entrepreneur to leadership skills that include having humility and confidence. Business leaders who...
    Named for one of the mountain ranges Robert "Bo" Parfet scaled during his Seven Summits journey, Denver, Colorado, "impact" firm Denali Venture Philanthropy helps socially responsible companies and venture capital groups. Robert "Bo" Parfet founded the company around 2013. Through its portfolio...
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    Robert "Bo" Parfet is an experienced real estate professional, philanthropist, and adventurer. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Robert "Bo" Parfet has written articles and publications on self-improvement. Everyone has weaknesses, but there are ways to turn weaknesses into strengths. A person...
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