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How to Transform Weaknesses into Strengths

Robert "Bo" Parfet

· Weaknesses

Robert "Bo" Parfet is an experienced real estate professional, philanthropist, and adventurer. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Robert "Bo" Parfet has written articles and publications on self-improvement.

Everyone has weaknesses, but there are ways to turn weaknesses into strengths. A person must be completely honest and analyze their weaknesses, then look at them from a different perspective. For example, having unrealistic goals is also being visionary. Someone who seems overly impatient about a task or activity is actually passionate.

In leadership roles, persons must identify their weaknesses and address them. Leaders with weaknesses they cannot change should surround themselves with people who have skills they lack. The team as a whole, and not the individual, is important.
Practicing skills in areas where one feels weak can ensure a person becomes stronger in those areas. If someone fears public speaking, the only way to get over that fear is to do it. It a person feels they are not very social, they must make an effort to meet more people on a consistent basis.

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